Just Another Day in Seattle

001 - Secret Asians

And Boom Goes The Car

3rd March 2075

7pm and our ‘heroes’ are unaware of the night that lies ahead of them.

  • Bob, our rigger is sweeping up in his shop, the place is still a wreak after it was broken into, the tapes have been wiped and some key items have been stolen. He’s already planning to find out who did this and just exactly how to exact his revenge.
  • Jojo, our decker is laying about at home, styling his hair and hacking into World of Ghoulopia, the current MMO eveyone is raving about. This is all so easy for him, sliding into the matrix and leaving his meatbody behind, he flows through code like a fish through water, and those skills haven’t gone unnoticed.
  • Mandrake, our mage is sitting in his library reading, some old school media. Books, real physical books, made of paper from real trees and everything. This is where he lives, in an old library, filled with as many books as he could buy with his folks money. His desk is ordered chaos, his heavy training as a hermetic mage shining through in somehow keeping the chaos ordered.
  • Radeon, our street sam is walking the barrens, familiarizing himself with the area. He’s not a local, born and raised in Merseysprawl all the way over in England he recently managed to sneak into Seattle with some weird German elf. He’s keeping his cards close to his chest but he has a reason for moving this far.

Our team each get a call from one of their contacts, letting them know that a Johnson is looking for runners tonight.

Each member accepts and they meet up at The Redmond Phoenix House, a rather cheap but traditional joint, they meet a man calling himself Mr. John-san. He was nervous and clearly inexperienced.

The job is simple, deliver a crate to a contact of his in Carnation. The crate is small but heavy and the team can’t help but take a peak inside. As soon as they open it a torrential pulse of mana escapes, instantly alerting any magically active in the nearby area. They quickly re-sealed the box and moved on.

The journey to Carnation is mostly uneventful till they near the old farm. There’s a small team of yakuza waiting ahead of them. Combat ensues, and thanks to a multi-fuel engine and explosive ammo the fight is brought to an impressive end.

Once they reach Carnation the package is taken by a contact of Mr. John-san and they receive their payment.


7 Karma
500¥ each month for 3 months



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